Thursday, November 11, 2010

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Busy Moms

Being a mother, especially a working mother, is a daunting task. It is not easy to keep a full time job and raise children together. keep in good health often falls into the bottom of the pile of priorities. You do not have time to exercise or watch what you eat - when you have time to sit and eat - sounds familiar?

Now give this consideration. Say you're thirty now, and your youngest child is five. In ten years they will be in high school, research at colleges or find employment in recent years. You'll be forty. Scientists tell us that our bodies slow down and consume less energy when we turn thirty. We lose muscle mass and gain weight - without doing anything wrong. In another ten years, it got worse. The less you take care of your health now, it is more difficult to change, and the more damage you have to try to reverse. You owe your children to take care of you right now.

Staying healthy should not be complicated. You do not have to join an expensive gym or spend hours every day to count calories and meal planning; However, there are things you can do that will make you healthier, cleaner and maybe even thinner - and more capable of dealing with the joys of being a busy mom.

1. Eating and drinking again instead of 2 or 3 meals a day, share them with 5 or 6 small meals. Do not eat more, eat less and more often. It gives your metabolism to promote throughout the day, so you have more energy and burn a little of fat.

2. Go, Mom! healthy exercise should not happen in the gym. Little things, like going with the kids when they are walking the dog, when the stairs instead of walking around the block a lunch break can make a big difference. Walking is good exercise, and do not need to be fit to start doing it.

3. Children not to eat the leftovers. Many of us were raised not to the mantra 'waste not 'want not' , and instead of throwing a few bites of children left on your plate, you eat. These small bites of food can add up. Instead of eating them, wrapping them for lunch tomorrow.

4. Play! We are all tired after a day's work, and it is much easier to go home and hit the couch. Playing - whether it be children or a dog - it will be active. If you try to return, ball games or just a bit up and down on the bed - Let the games begin! It is physical, it's fun, and it is a good time with your children.

5. Watch what you eat is not easy to eat healthy on a tight schedule. But as the food we eat is the fuel that keeps your body moving, you owe it to yourself to keep an eye on the junk and sugary foods. You know what to avoid - what it does. If you can eat healthy, you halfway.

6. Losing that extra weight - now life is catching up and before you know it, you've collected more books than you owe. Before it is unmanageable, consider trying a weight loss program. Many are available online at a reasonable price, and many of them are very flexible and easy to follow on a busy schedule. You can lose 10 pounds in 14 days easily in certain programs and that can only be the kickstart their needs for healthy lifestyle.

In an ideal world would not have to worry about money for college, much less income. We like our jobs waltz glamorous, well paid, zip to the gym for an hour with a personal trainer and burly guards his house for a gourmet dinner prepared by our loving husbands. It is when we wake up on the sofa where dozing while 7 years to read his book for us! Remember - laughter has many health benefits, too!

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